Device Class: Arduino DS18x20 (Logger)

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Latest version:2019-05-18
Maintainer:Axel Fischer (


read a temperature sensor of the DS18x20 family using an Arduino.
Before usage, one has to upload the ino file that comes with this Device Class to the Arduino using the Arduino IDE.
The libraries OneWire.h and DallasTemperature.h need to be installed using the ArduinoIDE.
The readout pin is D2.
Typically, a 4.7KOhm resistor is needed between +5V and the readout pin.
An existing parasite mode, meaning that Vdd gets power from the data line via the resistor, is not recommended.
Multiple sensors can be connected to the same pin of the Arduino. If many sensors are used, it could help to add 100 Ohm resistors into the data line of each sensor to prevent cross-talk.


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