SweepMe! is a creative and flexible test & measurement software. You can create procedures in short time by drag&drop of modules in a tree-like sequencer tool. Any device can be added via an open interface. Already implemented devices are used and shared across all users. We wish you a lot of fun while measuring and good results!


OES membership

We are now member of the network Organic Electronics Saxony and we are looking forward to many fruitful cooperations.

Version 1.5.5

Our new version 1.5.5. is released and will be the new default download version. A list of changes can be found here.

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Robin Bonné et al. measure the electrical conductivity of cable bacteria. (Image: CC BY 4.0)

Modules & Devices


SweepMe! can be downloaded and used for free. Requires Windows 7 or higher.

Our new version 1.5.5 is now available as stable release with many new features.

7 steps to your first measurement

  • A simple measurement can be done in 60 seconds.
  • Measure Current-voltage characteristics with a Source-Measuring Unit (SMU).
  • Use 'Loop' to repeat things.
  • Control file generation and filling with 'MakeFile'.
  • Create a plot or two or three or...

Our users


Get creative

by creating new procedures within a few clicks.

Get independent

and make your equipment exchangable.

Get strong

by 'programming' even if you cannot program.

Get mobile

working immediately at any place.

Get flexible

and extend your procedure at any time into any direction.

Get social

by sharing Device Classes.

Get connected

to all your equipment of any interface.

Get motivated

and have fun while measuring!


Whenever a step has to be done again, it can eventually be automated. This rule can be applied to measurements and machines but also to how we think of computer programs. In SweepMe!, modular organized code snippets are once created by experienced developers. Later, newcomers can easily use them within their measurement procedures. Thus, people are empowered to do things where they do not have expertise and at the same time specialists can share their knowledge and have a wider outreach. With SweepMe! we would like to create a platform that is supporting this idea.

SweepMe! in Action

  • Sensors are read out.
  • A camera takes images.
  • Different widgets are used.
  • Easy to combine with Arduino.
  • Nonstop measurement.

Application areas


Test your ideas now, not later.


Learn measuring today.


Connect with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and visualize your project.


You only know afterwards whether it works.

Product testing

Stress your devices to the end of the lifetime.


Tired of clicking the button again and again?


Stay dynamic and change your plans if needed.


Use sensors and actuators to create interactive installations.


.. have a background in applied physics and know how important it is to test new ideas immediately. We did our Ph.D. at TU Dresden and we put our experience and the feedback of our colleagues into SweepMe! to make it a software which is hopefully useful to you. We are open for any feedback and feature requests that improve SweepMe!, feel free to start a conversation (contact@sweep-me.net).

If you like to support us...

  • make a reference in your next publication, e.g. 'We used SweepMe! (sweep-me.net) to perform...'
  • follow us on Twitter and stay tuned
  • tweet your good results on twitter with @sweep_me_net and we will retweet
  • send us a logo of your institute or your company with an agreement to be shown as user
  • contribute a Device Class and make it available to all other users