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New publication using SweepMe!

An electrothermal tristability has been found in organic LEDs as published in Advanced Functional Materials. (2022-02-02)


Our python package pysweepme is online on PyPI. It can be used to load our drivers in independent python projects. (2022-02-02)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Towards stimulated emission: Changsoon Cho et al. characterize perovskite LEDs. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2021-07-12)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Nagih M. Shaalan et al. measure bananas using carbon nanotubes. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2021-06-14)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Michael Geiger et al. compare different oxidation recipes for high capacitance gate dielectrics for organic TFT. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2021-04-07)

SweepMe! GmbH founded

We founded a german limited liability company that will step by step replace the current GbR. more (2021-03-29)

New publication using SweepMe!

Michael Geiger and colleagues demonstrate OFETs with very steep subthreshold slope in Advanced Electronic Materials. (2021-02-02)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Jonas Kublitski et al. characterize interfacial trap-states in organic solar cells. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2021-01-23)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Robin Bonné et al. measure the electrical conductivity of cable bacteria. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2020-11-14)

Version 1.5.5

Our new version 1.5.5. is released and will be the new default download version. A list of changes can be found here. (2020-11-13)

OES membership

We are now member of the network Organic Electronics Saxony and we are looking forward to many fruitful cooperations. (2020-11-05)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Erjuan Guo et al. fabricate and characterize vertical organic double base transistors. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2020-09-19)

MOS-AK workshop, Gießen 2020

We will participate at the virtual MOS-AK workshop, organized by THM Gießen. Program details can be found here: link (2020-08-24)

futureSAX founders award 2020

We submitted our application. Vote here for us! (2020-04-23)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Michael Geiger et al. investigate the performance of organic transistors and the relation to the roughness of the gate dielectric. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2020-03-30)

Event: "Science meets Industry"

We will present 4th of March at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and demonstrate our way how to do versatile measurements. Link (2020-02-13)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Anton Kirch et al. heat up OLEDs and find that they can switch back. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2020-01-10)

A new decade...

Happy new year and good results! (2020-01-05)

It's christmas time

We will be off from 23.12 to 03.01 and wish you a pleasant christmas time! (2019-12-15)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Pen Yiao Ang et al. characterize scattering films by rotating them. (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2019-12-15)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Yichu Zheng et al. sweep their new memory device up and down. Perfect showcase of what is possible with SweepMe! (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2019-11-08)

New Device Class: Hameg HM8118

Together with one of our customers we created a new Device Class. Have you thought about implementing your equipment? (2019-10-28)

New webpage

You are already on it - our new webpage! A more responsive framework behind will help us to grow with our future needs and plans. (2019-10-02)

Latest publication using SweepMe!

Felix Dollinger and coworkers published their new work in Advanced Electronic Materials (Image: CC BY 4.0) (Image: CC BY 4.0) (2019-10-02)