Our services

SweepMe! main software is available for free download and use, even for commercial purposes. With the free main software, scientists can easily perform simple measurements like taking an IV curve or logging a sensor over time at no cost.

The open Python interface also allows users to implement their own instrument drivers if necessary.

Companies and institutes looking to create more advanced measurement procedures can purchase a bundle of add-on modules, which extend the functionality of SweepMe!.

We offer services for the following groups:

Research & Educational institutions

Industrial processing, test & characterization sites

Tech companies and startups

Instrument manufacturers

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SweepMe's goal is to help you manage your devices and instruments. We strive to make automation in laboratories, test and fabrication sites easy and accessible for everyone.

Normally, we provide a fixed price quotation that covers all costs for completing the project. If the outcome of the project is not fully defined or unclear, we charge an hourly rate.

There are no fees during the planning phase of a new project unless you confirm a quotation or send us a purchase order. Please don't hesitate to send us your NDA at the beginning of the process.

This is a brief overview of the services we provide:

Add-on modules

  • Lifetime license for a bundle of add-on modules
  • Extending the functionality of the free main software
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Driver development

  • Adding new instruments to SweepMe!
  • Combine new drivers with all existing drivers
  • Use drivers with SweepMe! or in own python projects
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Measurement setups

  • Creating your SweepMe! measurement procedure together
  • Ready-to-use modules and drivers are configures to your needs
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  • Get-started support
  • Technical support
  • Enterprise support
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Tech consulting

  • Help with choosing the right equipment
  • Suggesting new solutions to instruments
  • Python programming
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Seminars & Tutorials

  • Get started with SweepMe!
  • Creating advanced program procedures
  • Creating instrument drivers
  • Python programming
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New features

  • Adding new features to SweepMe!
  • Development costs are shared
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Content hosting

  • We host your individual drivers
  • Maintain and upload your drivers
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