SweepMe! can be downloaded and used for free. Still, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you by giving tutorials, making measurement setups, implementing further devices or creating individual modules. Furthemore, we offer a bundle of add-on modules that are not needed to perform a simple measurement but can greatly extend the main program for more complex procedures.

Measurement setups

  • We will create procedures and settings for SweepMe!.
  • We suggest measurement equipment.
  • We add new features to SweepMe! that will be useful for everyone.

Device Class development

  • Almost any device can be included into SweepMe!
  • We create your Device Classes.
  • We assist you or your coworkers doing it on your own.

Seminars & Tutorials

  • Basic usage of SweepMe!
  • Device Class development


  • Modules allow to extend SweepMe! into any direction:
  • We provide ready-to-use add-on modules that extend the functionality of SweepMe!
  • We create individual modules for custom devices and setups
  • Get a license to program your own modules

Contact us...

and we can speak about your opportunities (contact@sweep-me.net). Together, we will find a solution for any budget. Feel also free to contact us if you have any question about SweepMe!.