Our Services

New features

Let us together improve SweepMe! and its components

We offer to implement new features into the free SweepMe! main software and its components based on your request.


The development costs will be shared between both of us. Afterwards the new features will be available to all users. So if you find SweepMe! a useful tool, you can partially sponsor the further development of the program.

Main Software

Improvements of the main software can be requested for example regarding the sequencer handling, platform support or

  • Requires an updated version of SweepMe!
  • During the development phase, we provide beta versions that can be installed in parallel to the standard SweepMe! installation
  • Changes will mostly be done in the upcoming SweepMe! version


We add new Modules, improve them or create specific Modules for you.

  • Changes can quickly be provided due to our version management system
  • You can easily switch between new and already productive version to test changes


We add new Widgets or add new features to improve data visualization.

  • Changes to Widgets are basically changes at the SweepMe! main software
  • We can improve Widgets like 'Plot' to introduce new visualization possibilities
  • Existing widgets can get further options
  • New widgets can be created to add new data visualization options.

Instrument drivers

We add or revise SweepMe! instrument drivers.

  • Have a look at our Driver development services
  • Like modules, instrument drivers can be easily updated using our version management system

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