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Driver development

Almost any instrument can be added

  • We implement for you any instrument with an open interface, i.e. each instrument with a programming manual or a description of the interface.
  • Price: It typically starts with 500 EUR for simple logger type devices like sensors and multimeters but can also be several 1000 EUR for more complex instruments.
  • The price depends on the following questions:
    • How many commands and features need to be supported?
    • How difficult is the interface to be implemented?
    • Do you contribute to the driver development?
    • Is a python library already existing for the instrument?
    • Is there any other similar SweepMe! driver that can be used as template?
    • Does the instrument manufacturer support the development?
  • SweepMe! drivers have a double use: They can be used with SweepMe! but also in your own python projects using pysweepme.
  • We add new features to existing drivers, starting from 250 EUR.
  • We revise and polish your drivers and check them against problems.
  • Drivers are made available whenever possible open-source under MIT via our server so that they can easily be shared with other coworkers and collaboration partners.
  • Common interface protocols and standards include GPIB, RS-232/RS-485, Virtual COM port (VCP), TCPIP, UDP, but we are not limited to these options.
  • For instrument manufacturers: We can support your instruments and also maintain the drivers for you. Please contact us to discuss an individual quote.

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