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Seminars & Tutorials

Empower your team with individual online workshops

Get-started support

We offer a hands-on seminar to introduce your team to SweepMe! and teach them how to create and customize individual measurement sequences. The seminar can accommodate up to 5 people and can be tailored to your specific field of interest.

  • 4 hour online-workshop including 1 hour Q&A session
  • Introduction of the SweepMe! concept with many hands-on examples.
  • Dynamic adaption to your needs during the meeting.
  • Up to 5 persons can attend (more people on request)
  • Video-meeting via Microsoft Teams
  • Price: 490 EUR

Advanced measurement procedures

We help you to get the most out of our add-on modules and create advanced measurement procedures.

  • Handling add-on modules
  • Creating complex routines with the sequencer
  • Seminar addresses already advanced users
  • Creating Python scripts for the add-on module CustomFunction.

Instrument driver development

We show you how to create instrument drivers and explain the key concept. The content will be tailored to your needs.

  • Explaining the key concept
  • Compatibility with pysweepme
  • Handling C dlls and .NET dlls
  • Using visa runtime
  • TCPIP/socket communication
  • Shipping individual libraries
  • Price: starting from 500 EUR

Python programming

We offer seminars and tutorials on Python programming for measurement instrumentation and data evaluation. These educational sessions are led by experienced instructors and cover key concepts and techniques like handling python libraries such as pyvisa, pyserial, pysweepme, matplotlib, numpy, scipy, sqlalchemy. We provide hands-on tutorials where participants can practice applying what they have learned.

  • Handling of standard Python libraries
  • Python programming for scientific computing
  • Loading and saving data
  • Creating plots
  • Creating together scripts for your current projects.
  • Price: starting from 500 EUR, depends on group size and topic

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