Our Services

Tech consulting

Use our experience to save money when planning new projects

  • Purchasing equipment
    • We already know many instrument manufacturers and devices and often have a direct contact to the sales and support team
    • We seek for quotations.
    • Based on your desired measurement, we define the right instrument specifications together with you.
    • We suggest cheaper equipment that fulfills the specifications and that can fully recover the costs for our service compared to purchasing a more expensive and sometimes over-sized instrument.
    • We can sometimes connect you with other users to get feedback about an instrument.
  • Data evaluation
    • You acquired a lot of data with your automated setups already? We can help you with plotting and evaluating your data using the Python programming language
    • We help you to organize your data in more object-oriented data structures.
    • We create bindings to databases, like MySQL, MS SQL server, sqlite, and others.
  • For instrument manufacturers: Creating python libraries and APIs.
    • We help you with the design of your library for controlling your instruments
    • We suggest a proper API based on our experience with many other programming references.
    • We highlight common pitfalls when designing an API.

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