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Add-on modules

Add-on modules can be purchased to boost the free SweepMe! main software

When you purchase our add-on modules, they are valid for all SweepMe! 1.5.x versions and come with a lifetime license. This means that you can use the modules to create unlimited measurement procedures. If several setups need to be equipped with add-on modules, we can add further activations to the same license. The license key can then be used at multiple setups.


After purchasing a license, you will receive a certificate that includes a key that can be entered in the version manager. Add-on modules are then downloaded like any other module or instrument driver by selecting and activating a version. Updates to the modules are included and one can easily switch between different versions of the modules.


The license can be activated and deactivated as needed to move it to another computer, but please note that an internet connection is required to activate the license. The license includes a bundle of 13 add-on modules:

  • CustomFunction (run python scripts to evaluate data)
  • Condition (change your sequencer procedure at runtime)
  • ControlWidgets (create sliders and buttons that can be added to the dashboard)
  • Form (create form-like widgets that can be added to the)
  • LoadFiles (Select and load files)
  • MakeFolder (Create nested folder structures)
  • Message (send a message via Email or Chat service)
  • MQTT (subscribe or publish to an MQTT broker)
  • ReadValues (import data from Excel or csv/txt files)
  • SQL (send data to an SQL database)
  • TableValues (create tabular data values)
  • PID (create a control feedback loop)
  • UserIO (interact with the user)
Find all modules → here


Bundle of all Add-on modules listed above:

980 EUR

Standard price

330 EUR

Academic price *

* Universities and institutes that focus on education and publishing research articles

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